Your 5 Senses Birth Plan

Google “birth plan” and you’ll come up with about a thousand unique templates and opinion articles on their necessity or lack thereof. When I discuss writing a birth plan with my clients, I begin by encouraging my clients to think about their five senses. I ask them what they would like to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell during labor. Starting the conversation in such a concrete way allows women and their partners to feel grounded in their expectations and ideas.

If you’re working on your plan, consider your feelings on incorporating the following into your birth:


  • music

  • low voices

  • laughter, jokes

  • nature sounds

  • your older children’s voices

  • other family members’ voices

  • your mantra


  • photos of loved ones, nature scenes, other meaningful images

  • soothing colors

  • familiar movies or tv shows

  • sporting events that both you and your partner care about


  • fabrics and textures you find comforting

  • blankets and pillows from home

  • hydrotherapy (laboring in the tub or shower)

  • massage

  • acupressure

  • movement: yoga, dance, walking

  • light sexual contact with your partner

  • clothing in which you feel comfortable

  • chapstick, skin hydration


  • eating nourishing foods during labor

  • staying hydrated

  • cooking and baking during early labor


  • essential oils, using a diffuser

  • a clothing item of your partner’s or older child’s

  • cooking and baking scents that bring you joy and comfort

Do you have an idea to add to this list? Contact me or comment below!